We are often too busy in our daily schedules that we are making our own lives miserable. But how, really? By neglecting ourselves. Whatever we are doing, whether it’s working all day and night, struggling in the field, running behind the money and fame just because we want to get recognition and what not? But we are putting ourselves at stake to make us stand out of the crowd. Though we are running 24×7, we have tended towards some unrewarding habits. Eating heavily processed foods regularly, pollution, smog, late-night parties, sleep-deprived working nights, it’s making our body tending to various diseases, some of which are noticeable while others are implicit like gaining weight, migraine, tiredness, or heart problems?

Let’s consider a situation: have you ever seen someone working so hard or running all day still and gaining weight? If you are above 25 years old, have you seen your body changes that are not noticeable unless focused seriously? You are not eating that much, but still building up fat? Or you are too lazy to actually notice all these things and wondering: “why am I even reading this”? But I’ll make sure you won’t regret when you get to know about the fact that the fat or dimpled flesh you can see in your body beneath your thighs, at the buttock, or the belly is actually not a fat but this is a skin condition that’s making your skin looked dimpled and lumpy. Now it seems relatable, right?

Well, if you can see your skin at certain areas that are turning like orange peel or like a cottage cheese skin, then it’s just not fat but it’s a skin condition called cellulite. Well, it’s not a disease you need to worry about; it can be self-diagnosed and you can do something about it.

The exact reason for forming cellulite in your skin is unknown, though there can be many factors including the kind of food you consume, age, hormonal & generic factor, or the lifestyle being some of them.

Now, talking about what you want to hear i.e. Treatment & How can you get rid of excess body weight attached to your normal weight?

Science has a solution for everything, from Acoustic wave therapy to Laser treatment to carboxytherapy, Endermologie, Radiotherapy and what not? Science has everything but none of them assure guarantee, they all are for short terms and this happiness won’t stay for long so, what best we can do is to exercise or change our lifestyle completely by transforming our hectic lives to a beautifully peaceful, natural surrounded environment, sounds more beautiful right? But can you do that? Like switching off from your current lives to some another height of lifestyle? None of us can do that.

But there’s nothing to be sad about because you can get rid of this cellulite or I can say, you can get rid of this excess weight.

Well, despite going for any scientific treatment you can probably go for something natural that’s free from all side effects your body could have i.e. Essential Oils!

Essential oils are the new Ayurveda of this generation; these oils genuinely help to solve problems especially when it is about skin, and it’s amazing and 100% proven beneficial for everyone who used it regularly.

And you don’t need to put any extra effort except diluting few drops of essential oil into any carrier oil & simply massage into the skin, and you’re done!

Let’s get started with some of the best essential oils for cellulite;

Geranium Oil

Basically used in aromatherapy, founded by the Egyptians for gorgeous & radiant skin, it has also been used to balance hormones & prevent the skin from lumping.

Grapefruit Oil

Works as a natural antibacterial agent, it not only breaks down cellulite in the body but also reduces the stress. Also, it hydrates the skin & prevents many unwanted skin disorders.

Juniper Berry Oil

With cleansing properties, it decreases the water retention from the body and successfully treats cellulite. It’s also a great help if someone is suffering from arthritis.

Rosemary Oil

One of the most popular essential oil due to its toning skin and firming properties, it reduces the dimpled appearance due to cellulite in the body. It’s a great treat for memory sharpness. Also, it helps to reduce mental fatigue.

Cedarwood Oil

This oil has been regarded as the most valuable oil since it has been made from three types of tree families and it is known to be the best for cellulite treatment as it reduces the toxins in the blood and fluid retention effectively. It also draws excess fat in between the tissue making it the best oil for cellulite.

Lemongrass Oil

One of the most versatile oil, it has strong astringent antidepressant properties that help to remove toxins & enhances blood circulation makes it a good fit for fluid retention, hence effective for cellulite.

Fennel Oil

It is known for the most effective oil if blended with other oils, primarily with rosemary essential oil, because of its diuretic properties that help to eliminate the waste from the body & reduces the water retention in the tissue, making it a great way for cellulite.

Spearmint Oil

This multi-purpose oil from the oldest plant of a mint family containing properties like antispasmodic work to combat cellulite as it helps to fat metabolism especially when combined with grapefruit essential oil targets the largest areas of cellulite.

Cypress Oil

Coming from the needle-bearing tree, it’s one of the valued oil as it boosts the circulation of the body & support balanced fluids levels in the body’s tissue. Also, it helps toxins to move out of the body. It works more effectively if diluted with coconut oil.

Celery Seed Oil

Celery seed has been used as medicines for years in Ayurveda field known to be great to ease arthritis naturally. It basically removes the fluid from the body that helps to get rid of excess fat; it also purifies the blood and treats cellulite effectively.

So these were some of the essential oils, there are many but these are the most effective oils that help to fight cellulite. Cellulite is just a skin condition that can be cured easily without any scientific treatment. So go natural with essential oils!


Author Bio:

Emylee  is a wellness lifestyle writer. She loves sharing her thoughts and personal experiences related to natural remedies, yoga and fitness through her writing. She currently writes for How To Cure. She can connect with others experiencing health concerns and help them through their recovery journeys through natural remedies.