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Essential oils are widely used in aromatherapy, a natural healing treatment that uses plant extracts to support health. This article allows will give you an overview of some of the best-known health benefits of the use of essential oils.

Essential oils are compounds derived from plants. The oils contain the plant’s flavor and scent.

7 Top Health Benefits of Essential Oils

Reduce stress and anxiety

Studies show that the scent of essential oils are very powerful in helping to treat stress and anxiety. Essential oils like chamomile, Wild Orange, ylang ylang, and clary sage reduce stress and promote relaxation. One of the top products is the Balance Grounding Blend, which promotes a whole-body sense of relaxation, helps ease anxious feelings and evokes feelings of tranquility and balance.

Act as a sleep aid

Lavender essential oil is known to help improve the quality of sleep. One of the most powerful products in our range that helps to improve sleep is the Serenity Restful Blend.

Relieve headaches and migraines

Essential oils can be applied directly to the temples and forehead to help reduce headaches and migraines. Commonly used for headache relief are peppermint oil or lavender.

Chamomile oil, a traditional Persian remedy, is also known to relieve migraines.

Help reduce inflammation

Essential oils are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. For instance, oregano essential oil combined with thyme may help patients with colitis.

Anti-microbial and antibiotic properties

Tea tree oil and peppermint oil are known to have anti-microbial properties.

Improve concentration

Rosemary essential oil is often used in aromatherapy to help increase focus. Lemon essential oil is known to improve concentration and increase happiness.

Other health benefits

Eucalyptus essential oil is effective in clearing the sinuses when you have colds. Ginger essential oil is used to reduce nausea.

A few drops of your choice of essential oil can be added to a essential oil diffuser or spray bottle with water. It can be sprayed on your pillows and your sheets. You can also add a few drops of oil to a cotton ball and place it in the air vents of your car. Some add a few drops in the bathtub. Essential oils are commonly added to a diffuser or humidifier, or applied on the arm wrists, temples or soles of the feet for topical use.


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