Essential oils for Spa resorts

A full body massage with essential oils invites you to let yourself be pampered all around. The wonderful scents, the oil on your skin and the gentle massage strokes lead to a particularly healing relaxation of body, mind and soul. This soft, flowing treatment with the high-quality, natural oils loosens and relaxes the muscles, tightens the connective tissue, improves the skin’s tension, relieves pain and allows accumulated energy to flow freely again. You will feel completely well, strengthened and in a new feeling of balance. For this reason, essential oils are very often used in Spa resorts and hotels and generally all sorts of spa & wellness facilities. The great scent of essential oils and their powerful and relaxing effects make essential oils a crucial part of the visitor experience in any good spa.

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Which essential oils are relaxing?

Essential oils, which have a relaxing effect in the form of scents or massages, are among others:

What essential oils for headaches?

essential oils for headaches head massage. massage oils into the temples

Essential oils can also help with certain types of pain. Peppermint and rosemary have a positive effect on headaches and migraines. As an essential oil, it can be massaged into the temples in acute pain, where it has a relaxing effect.

Which essential oils are suitable for cosmetics?

Aromatherapy is not only used in medicine, it is also gaining popularity in cosmetics. For example, the various essential oils can be assigned to different skin types, which support them in care.

For oily skin, the use of rosemary and rose is advisable, while impure skin is optimally supported by essential oils such as chamomile and lavender. The fragrances rose and lavender as well as jasmine are also suitable for normal skin. Dry skin benefits from the use of carrier oils such as coconut, almond or jojoba.

There are powerful natural Spa & Wellness products, as well as skincare and anti-aging products of highest quality by doTERRA that contain precious essential oils, and that are made for first-class spa & wellness treatments. Some examples, apart from the great range of essential oils and blends, are the Veráge Skincare Collection for skin and beauty treatments; the Deep Blue rub for relaxing massages; or the powerful Salubelle Beauty blend. Get in touch if you like a presentation of the products, an overview or a product catalog. If you like to evaluate new products for application or retail in your spa or wellness studio, please contact us for samples.

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