About Aroma Oil Massages

The aroma oil massage (also called aromatherapy or aroma massage) with essential oils can treat the organism in different ways. These are based on the one hand on the massage oil used and its fragrance, but on the other hand also on the prevailing complaints and ailments of the respective patient. Above all, the changeability of an aroma therapy becomes clear, because it can contribute preventive to relaxation, optimize an existing form of treatment with its advantages or also appear as a rehabilitation measure.

Aroma Oil Massage Effect and Various essential oils Fragrances for Changing Symptoms. Aromatherapy massage or aroma massage

Some of the best-known problems or reasons why an aroma oil massage is used:

  • stress reduction
  • a deep relaxation
  • the balance to the hectic everyday life
  • more vitality
  • new energy flow
  • harmonisation of the organism
  • enhanced performance
  • Combating inflammation
  • pain therapy
  • concentration difficulties

There are certainly many other factors that speak in favor of an aroma oil massage. After all, every patient should be treated individually and according to his complaints, which makes the aroma massage so changeable. There are many different essential oils with many different effects for many different ailments and health complaints.

Choice of essential oils – fragrances with different effects

Aroma massage and aromatherapy massage. Various essential oils or aroma oils are used for this type of massage. Can be relaxing or invigorating and is perfectly suited for spa and wellness resorts and hotels

Today in the wellness sector there are many types of essential oils that are suitable for use in a particular practice. They all have different compositions and cannot be generalised. An aroma oil massage is much more based on the individual medical history of the person.

As a result, aroma massages with fragrances that invigorate the organism are particularly popular. These include essential oils with a citrus scent such as Wild Orange or Lemon, which are supposed to bring a certain dynamic into the treatment and help the patient to new life spirits. Last but not least, this essential oil also scores with its bioactive substances. The latter are responsible for an indirect anti-aging effect of the skin. However, the massage oil also requires other extracts of the fruit to be effective. A popular kind of essential oils with citrus aroma is the use of Lemongrass essential oil.

Relaxing Aroma Massage

The excellent alternative for patients who are looking for relaxation with an aroma oil massage would be an addition based on Bergamot or Lavender essential oils. Both components are known for their calming, relaxing and sleep-promoting effect and can help to optimize mental health, improve stress reduction and lead to a holistic moment of recovery. Both variants are often used for a self-massage, when the massage should take place before going to bed.

Invigorating scented Massage

aroma massage oil and aromatherapy massage oil. Use in spa and wellness facilities for professional massages. high quality essential oils for spa and wellness

If it should be an aroma oil instead, which has a refreshing and invigorating effect, Eucalyptus, Peppermint or Spearmint as components are advantageous. They are described as mobilizing and are supposed to increase blood circulation. They also have a pleasant scent that enhances regeneration and provides the body with new energy.

Floral Aroma Massage

However, for those who wish to use a sensual fragrance as a massage additive, a popular feminine choice of aromas with floral essential oils as for example Jasmine, Geranium or Rose essence is ideal. These are particularly popular with female patients and are used during wellness days in SPA areas.

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