DIY Essential Oils Yoga Mat Spray

DIY Yoga Mat Spray recipe essential oils ireland doterra

Do you have a yoga or gymnastics mat and have ever wondered how you can clean it? So that you can enjoy your mat for a long time, you can care for it properly with the DIY Essential Oils Yoga Mat Spray.

There are mats that you can put in the washing machine and wash (please refer to the instructions for use) and then there are mats that are not suitable for the washing machine.

Exactly for these mats (but also for those that are washable but you don’t want to wash all the time) this DIY Yoga Mat Spray is perfect!

There are countless products on the market but you can now make your own spray yourself easily, cheaply and with natural ingredients. The next big advantage is that you have a free choice in creating your own fragrance.

Basically you should spray your mat with the spray after every yoga practice to clean it. The vinegar and the essential oils provide the disinfectant and purifying properties. And depending on which essential oil is used, it also has a cleansing and germ eliminating effect.

Allow the spray to act briefly and wipe again with a dry cloth. Now let it dry completely before you roll up the mat and stow it away.

Alternatively you can try the following mixtures for your DIY Yoga Mat Spray. Simply combine the following essential oils and you will always have a new fragrance experience on your mat!

DIY Essential Oils Yoga Mat Spray recipes

DIY Yoga Mat Spray Mixtures essential oils ireland doterra

You can try the following mixtures for your DIY essential oils yoga mat spray, and of course you can mix your favourite essential oils and create your own recipe.

“Herb Garden” : RosemaryLemongrassMajoram

“Dream Meadow“ : GeraniumLavenderWild Orange

“Clear Thoughts“ : MelaleucaLemongrassPeppermint

“Goa feeling“ : PatchouliGrapefruitDouglas Fir

Please note that this spray is an antibacterial disinfection spray and is not intended for the skin or as a deodorant.

You are a YOGI or YOGA teacher and would like to know how you can integrate essential oils into your yoga practice or units? Please find more information here. And of course you can get in touch and we can discuss your plans regarding using essential oils in your yoga classes and yoga workshops.

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