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Anxiety, Stress, Anger and more: Essential oils and blends for Emotional Aromatherapy

Many people these days suffer from stress and emotional imbalances such as anxiety or anger. Sleep issues and other problems can be the consequence. Above all, it can lead to physical health problems and negatively impact people’s lives. In severe cases, many seek professional help from counsellors and psychotherapists. However, there is something that can help absolutely naturally, that is Emotional Aromatherapy.

If you feel you could need help with stress and emotions, you don’t need to wait until it comes that far. You can try emotional aromatherapy as a soft approach to easing issues regarding emotions and feelings naturally.

How does the Emotional Aromatherapy work?

Smelling and inhaling essential oils and oil blends stimulate the so-called limbic system in the brain. And depending on the plant, they have a relaxing, invigorating, refreshing or clarifying effect on mind and psyche.

doTERRA has developed the Emotional Aromatherapy Wheel to help you to identify the emotion you feel might be an issue, and match it with the corresponding essential oils types and ready-made essential oils blends for emotional aromatherapy.

You can use the essential oils in a diffuser, by smelling it from the bottle or by putting it on a cotton pad or tissue and steel it from there. And you will see that the fragrances have a powerful response to your emotional setting and can help you with your mental wellbeing.

While the inner circle of the Emotional Aromatherapy wheel represents you and your mental wellbeing, the second circle lists various emotional imbalances and negative feelings. The third circle shows the plant group to generally use for these negative feelings, and the oil blends in the outer circle are ready-made blends to use in these circumstances.

Essential Oils for Emotional Aromatherapy

If you feel anxious, insecure or apathetic, you can use oils from the mint plants such as peppermint or spearmint. And if you feel rather discouraged, gloomy or distressed, some citrus oils such as lemonbergamot or wild orange might be better suited to help you feel better. If you feel somber, disinterested or bored, you can counter with spice oils. Examples are cloveblack pepper or coriander essential oils.

For discontented, bitter or angry feelings, essential oils from herbs and grasses are generally used, as for example lemongrassbasil or oregano. However, if you feel ashamed, sad or grieving, you can use essential oils from trees. Sandalwood or cedarwood or cypress essential oils are some examples.

If you feel hurt, worried or fearful, use essential oils from flowers, such as roselavender or geranium essential oils if you feel these emotions have a negative impact on you,

Or try the great doTERRA essential oils blends for Emotional Aromatherapy:

Motivate (Encouraging Blend)
Cheer (Uplifting Blend)
Passion (Inspiring Blend)
Forgive (Renewing Blend)
Console (Comforting Blend)
Peace (Reassuring Blend)

(All of these 6 blends are included in the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit)

Emotional Aromatherapy doterra wheel anger stress emotions management calm emotionsEmotional Aromatherapy doterra wheel anger stress emotions management calm emotions



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