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The scent of essential oils, whether in the diffuser, as a pleasantly scented aroma bath or during a relaxing massage, dissolves blockades, reduces stress and lets an emotional well-being develop in you. Its fragrant aroma is wellness for your senses. Therefore, essential oils bring well-being, fill you with joy and harmony, strengthen your vitality and inspire you. In addition, you will be overwhelmed by the positive vibrations that affect you. In conclusion, negative thoughts, depressive moods, everyday worries and depression evaporate in an instant.

Fragrant soul of the plant

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant essences that contain all the power of nature. Their scent is very intense, but disappears quickly, which is called “volatile”. They are therefore often referred to as the “fragrant soul of the plant”.

Depending on the plant, they have a relaxing, invigorating, refreshing or clarifying effect. They can relieve cramps, relieve pain, inhibit inflammation, increase concentration, stimulate sensuality and sexuality and much more. The main aim of your application is to balance the energies in order to bring them into harmony and balance. You can check the doTERRA oil chemistry wheel for detailed information.

This is why essential oils are so important and helpful for a great and successful yoga experience and practice. Important when using essential oils is their quality and purity, because only genuine, 100% natural oils will have the desired effect.

Don’t worry, be happy

Essential oils contain the bundled vital energy of the whole plant. Their concentrated scent directly stimulates the so-called limbic system in the brain. In this way both psychic and physical processes in your body are positively influenced. Fresh, sunny scents like orangebergamot or citrus lift the mood. Roselavender or cedarwood provide relaxation and harmony through their warm and invigorating scent.

Just take an essential oil with your favourite fragrance and sniff it or put some of it into the diffuser. What you then feel is the instantaneous effect of the oil that touches your body, mind and soul equally. It is easier for you to relax, you recognize the beauty of life again and enjoy the moment.

Spoil your senses with heavenly scents!