Aroma massage with essential oils

essential oils for aroma massage doterra ireland

A massage with essential oils is probably the most pleasant and sensual application.

The massage with essential oils allows the active ingredients to penetrate via the skin into the body, lymphatic system and blood circulation and thus into the organs within a short time .

The different essential oils have activating, relaxing, stress reducing, analgesic and skin nourishing effects through the energy channels, nerves and meridians.

As essential oils are highly concentrated substances, they should not be applied directly to the skin. Instead, they should be diluted with a carrier oil before application.

aroma massage with essential oils ireland doterra relaxing massage

For a fragrant body and massage oil, you can use 100 millilitres of carrier oil and 15 to 20 drops of the essential oil, or 50 ml of carrier oil and 7-10 drops of oil.

This concentration can be used as a general guideline for essential oils in cosmetic products.

For a partial massage, e.g. for localised muscle pain, the dosage can also be increased to 40 drops of essential oil per 100 millilitres of carrier oil. This corresponds to a two-percent mixture.

However, these high dosages are not suitable for highly skin-irritating essences.

Only use vegetable oils as carrier oil, such as doTERRA Fractionated Coconut oil or other plant-based oils such as jojoba or almond oil, for your massage with essential oils.

The most beautiful massage oils

Wake up massage

An invigorating skin oil in the morning after a shower that gets you going when you’re not getting started. It can also be used as an aroma massage for people with little drive.

Ingredients: 6 drops rosemary, 4 drops juniper berry and 7 drops lime on 100 ml carrier oil.

essential oils ireland massage aromatherapy skincare doterra

Relaxation after a long day

This massage mixture can be used for stress, nervousness, sleep disorders, overactivity and even emotional blockades. The best time to use this mixture is in the evening or late afternoon.

essential oils ireland foot massage aromatherapy skincare doterra

Ingredients: 4 drops clary sage, 4 drops lavender, 3 drops geranium and 2 drops ylang ylang on 100 ml cold pressed vegetable oil.

Facial massage

After cleansing the facial skin, this facial oil can be massaged in with gentle circular movements. It relaxes and smoothens the facial skin, blood circulation and cares for it at the same time.

Ingredients: 3 drops neroli, 3 drops rose geranium, 2 drops ylang ylang and 1 drop rose on 100 ml jojoba oil.

essential oils ireland face massage aromatherapy skincare doterra

A gift of love

If you want to treat your partner to something particularly beautiful, invite him to a massage with this mixture. It is a recipe that opens for feelings, lifts the mood and awakens desire.

Ingredients: 3 drops jasmine, 3 drops rose, 6 drops sandalwood and 2 drops clary sage on 100 ml vegetable oil.

Fitness oil for athletes

An oil mixture for athletes to massage before and after sports. It improves blood circulation, relieves tension and prevents muscle soreness.

Ingredients: 7 drops juniper, 5 drops rosemary, 3 drops lavender and 3 drops pepper on 100 ml vegetable oil.

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