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doTERRA Kid’s Collection


Discover the doTERRA Kids Collection. Pre-diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil, these blends in the Kids Collection are gentle for children of all ages.


doTERRA Kids Collection:  6 x 10 mL Roll-On Blends

(The blends of the collection can be purchased individually)

Discover the doTERRA Kids Collection. Pre-diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil, these blends in the Kids Collection are gentle enough for children of all ages. Each of these kid-friendly blends is formulated with children in mind—their fragrance preferences, emotional needs, and most common health complaints. Color-coded labels and roll-on tops for the oils in the Kids Collection make application easy and fun. And while they are created with children in mind, don’t be surprised if you fall in love with a few of these blends yourself.

The individual blends in the doTERRA Kids Collection are:

Calmer™ Restful Blend helps your child relax and promotes sleep.
Thinker™ Focus Blend helps prevent mental distraction and reduce feelings of mental stress and fatigue.
Brave™ Courage Blend helps manage stress and feelings of anxiousness.
Stronger™ Protective Blend promotes a natural immune defense and is soothing to the emotions during times of distress.
Rescuer™ Soothing Blend reduces feelings of tension in the neck and shoulders.
Steady™ Grounding Blend helps balance mood and soothe upset feelings when emotions seem close to the surface.

doTERRA Kid’s Collection Uses and Benefits

The doTERRA Kids Collection is a kid-friendly introduction to essential oils. Here are some of the ways to use this collection help your child.

  1. Apply CalmerRestful Blend to wrists before bedtime or naps to quiet the mind and soothe away worries.
  2. When your child is feeling self-doubt, worry, or anxiety, reach for BraveCourage Blend.
  3. If your child is getting distracted during homework time, pull out ThinkerFocus Blend.
  4. When your child is in need of a comforting touch, apply StrongProtective Blend during times of distress.
  5. After your child’s soccer game or after a busy day running around the neighborhood, apply RescuerSoothing Blend to your child’s temples, neck, joints, or other targeted areas for all-around comfort.
  6. When your child’s emotions seem close to the surface, you can support balanced feelings with SteadyGrounding Blend.



Intended for use with parental supervision. Keep out of reach of children under the age of three.


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