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There is currently some unbelievable weather in Ireland and we do not have to go to Spain, Greece or Portugal to get some extremely hot temperatures over 30 degrees – just amazing!!

But this means that a lot of people will get sunburned, rashes and skin sensitivity as their skin is not used to these extreme conditions.

In terms of natural remedy, lavender essential oil is very popular and well known for soothing burns, and this also applies to sunburn.

The following will describe several ways how you can use lavender essential oil to soothe your sunburn and help it to go away quickly:

Easy blend: Take some carrier oil (e.g. fractionated coconut oil, olive, almond, jojoba) in the palm of your hand, add 2-3 drops lavender essential oil and apply it slightly on the affected area.

Cool compress: Put 2 cups of cool water in a bowl. Add 10 drops of lavender, and soak a clean washcloth in it. Apply to burned area for 20 minutes. Repeat as necessary.

Healing bath: For an all-over sunburn, take a cool or lukewarm bath with 10+ drops of essential oil in it. Alternately, take a baking soda bath. Add 1/2 cup baking soda, 5 drops of lavender, and 5 drops of geranium for a soothing, healing soak.

Roller ball: Fill a small roller bottle half full with fractionated coconut oil or some other carrier oil. Add 5 drops lavender oil and 5 drops peppermint oil for a soothing and cooling blend to roll over affected area. (Note: do not apply to blistered sunburns)

Spray mist: Put 1/2 cup of water in a spray bottle. Add 5 drops of lavender and 5 drops of peppermint oil and mist over affected area.

Healing balm: For future sunburns you can create a soothing balm. Melt 4 oz. of coconut oil on your stove or in the microwave. Add approx 40 drops of lavender oil and stir . Pour into a clean jar and cap. Allow to cool. When needed, rub a small amount over the affected area. (Note: do not apply to blistered sunburns)


Blending lavender with other essential oils can give it some extra effectiveness. Some great essential oil blends for sunburn are:

Lavender + Geranium

Lavender + Chamomile

Lavender + Peppermint

Lavender + Melaleuca