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Spa & Wellness

A spa is a health and wellness facility. In a spa, everything is focused on your well-being. In addition, the focus is on health promotion. Spas offer specific services that are often associated with water. However, water is not a mandatory component of treatments and applications. Services include spas, whirlpools, Kneipp cures and foot baths. You will also find sauna landscapes, a place for massage treatments and relaxation rooms. Many spas expand their offer with beauty treatments and cosmetic applications. Fitness rooms, special nutrition programmes and much more complete the broad spectrum. You can find everything that has to do with recreationhealthbeauty and relaxation in these wellness oases.

Spa at the hotel

Many accommodations advertise with a spa. This is a wellness area with soothing offers and facilities to relax. The spas in hotels and resorts have swimming pools, whirlpools, sulphur baths and brine grottos. There are also sauna landscapes with relaxation areas. Beauty areas, where you can take advantage of cosmetic treatments, may also be a part. All kinds of massages provide regenerating and relaxing moments. You will also find fitness offers in spa hotels and resorts.

Spa hotel and spa resort

These are higher-class hotels and with extremely large spa offers. The spa areas also have various pools and massage facilities where you sometimes get a most relaxing aroma massage, where high quality essential oils are used in the massage. This is a most relaxing experience. You can relax with beauty treatments. Often, these hotels and resorts complement the offer with special nutrition programs and fitness concepts.

Day Spa

For a day of rest, relaxation and beauty, this is the kind of spa you’re looking for. It is a mix of beauty, wellness and spa oasis. The beauty elements are manicures, pedicures, facial peelings and much more with a cosmetic character. In addition, there are often water basins of various kinds. A sauna landscape and fitness rooms round off the offer. Who does not have much time, is well advised with this kind of Spa.


These are not facilities but spas. Spa stands for bath. If a place name is followed by a “spa”, it means a recognized spa.

Medical Spa

In these facilities, medically trained personnel carry out the applications. The portfolio includes medical massages, physio-therapeutic treatments and nutritional advice. The specialist staff is indispensable for this facility.

Essential oils for Spa resorts

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