Yoga and Essential Oils

yoga essential oils ireland doterra

Nowadays, yoga and essential oils often go hand in hand. When you enter a yoga studio or attend a class, you will probably find that the acrid smell of various incense sticks has been replaced by a much more pleasant odour experience: essential oils.

Many yoga teachers diffuse essential oils during class to improve the deep experience of asanas. Others let their students sniff the oil-wetted palms of their hands before diving into Shavasana.

Not infrequently, spray bottles filled with essential oil mixtures are offered so that students at the end of class can disinfect their sweaty yoga mats with them. Melaleuca (tea tree) essential oil is very popular for that task due to its antibacterial and purifying properties.

Whether sandalwood, patchouli, frankincense, tea tree or bergamot – nowadays yoga teachers increasingly integrate essential oils into their yoga practice, so they use yoga and essential oils to maximise the effect.

For a good reason: these aromatic compounds that are found in plant seeds, bark, stems, roots and flowers, have long been popular with aromatherapists because they use the essential oil’s abilities to improve the mental and emotional well-being of their clients. These healing essences can also relieve sore muscles and support general physical and emotional well-being.

How essential oils can be integrated into a yoga practice?

yoga essential oils ireland doterra

At the beginning of a lesson, the yoga students receive a drop of a selected oil (for example breathing enhancing essential oils such as doTERRA Air Clear Blend, Eucalyptus or Peppermint) as dry inhalation to make the breathing exercises more pleasant and free.

In the middle of the session follow, depending on the topic, you can use stimulating, constructive and focussing oils to unite body and mind, to promote self-awareness and to feel oneself better, for example: Citrus Bliss, Wild Orange, Lavender (YinYang balancing), Cypress, Frankincense

At the end of the session, the oil blends Serenity and Balance help to enjoy the deep relaxation as freely and easily as possible. This way, you as a yoga teacher can integrate essential oils into your practice.

Other oils and products such as Deep Blue (for muscle tension) and PastTense (for headaches) are in use as well and help to really support each student individually.

In Venus-Yoga (a special yoga course for women with hormonal imbalances) the oils are used to stimulate meridians, nadis & energy points on the one hand and to clear and open chakras on the other hand.

Air & Mood Fresher

Before starting a yoga class, you can clean the room with a diffuser and an oil that you like. Examples for very refreshing oils are Purify, Citrus Bliss, Geranium or Balance Grounding Blend. In the evenings, relaxing oils such as Serenity or Melissa are great and help to wind down.

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Meditation (dhyana)

At the beginning of the meditation you can drip an essential oil like Frankincense, Balance, Lavender (lavandula angustifolia) or Cedarwood into your palms, rub the oil clockwise between your hands and inhale it deeply. The oils support the grounding and expansion of the chakras.

Breathing exercises (pranayama)

Before the breathing exercises, you can put peppermint or Air on your wrists, shoulders, temples and chest to open the airways and support the oxygen flow to the brain.

yoga meditation essential oils ireland doterra breathing exercises
yoga meditation essential oils ireland doterra exercises

Yoga Exercises (asanas)

Depending on how intensive the yoga week is, tension and muscle ache can occur. Deep Blue rub and Soothing blend with Wintergreen help to relieve tension. Oils like Peppermint or InTune Focus Blend can be used during the yoga practice to increase the mental focus and clarity.

Yoga Mat Cleaning

To clean the mat you can mix a few drops of Melaleuca (Tea Tree), On Guard, Lemon or Purify with water in a spray bottle and spray your mat with it, let it work in a little and wipe away leftovers with a cloth. This ensures a germ-free, sweat-free and fresher smelling yoga mat.

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Yoga morning practice

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You can start your early yoga practice with peppermint to wake up your body and muscles. Two drops on the palm is enough to wet your temples, shoulders. Hold your palms in front of your nose and inhale deep. You might not need Matcha or coffee anymore!

After the peppermint oil you can use one drop Frankincense on each on your chakras. Frankincense is grounding and has been used in spiritual practices for thousands of years.

Yoga evening practice

yoga evening meditation essential oils ireland doterra practice

On evenings where a million thoughts are buzzing around in your head, you can reach for Vetiver, Balance, Serenity, Frankincense, Cedarwood, or Lavender. You can apply the oils on the soles of your feet and on your heart, as well as on the palms of your hands and you can breathe them, sitting still for minutes and a feeling of peace and silence will overcome you.


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