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Essential Oils Ireland

Essential Oils Ireland is a natural health and wellness supplier with a focus on high quality, pure essential oils, oil blends, and beauty & wellness products by dōTERRA. We offer natural products for issues relating to Digestion, Respiratory & Breathing, Sleeping, Emotions, Skin and other fields of application. Our high quality products are used in Aromatherapy, Massage, Spa & Wellness resorts, Homeopathy, Beauty Salons and other natural forms of therapy and treatments across Ireland.

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Natural Health
for your Family

From young to old, you will find solutions here for the natural healthcare needs of your whole family. Have a look at the high quality essential oils and blends, as for example dōTERRA’s Air™ (Clear Blend), ZenGest (Digestive Blend), Smart & Sassy® (Metabolic Blend), Clary Calm (Monthly Blend for Women) and many more.

Essential Oils for Natural
Skin Care & Beauty

The soothing and beautifying properties of some essential oils are used to rejuvenate the skin and help to reduce the appearance of imperfections like fine lines and wrinkles. Others have restorative properties to the skin and promote a glowing, youthful complexion. This is why essential oils are very powerful ingredients in skin care-, beauty, and anti-aging products, as for example the Verāge collection or the Essential Skin Care System.

dōTERRA for
Wellness, Spa & Sauna

Essential Oils are very popular and commonly used with relaxing Wellness, Spa, and Sauna environments. Some essential oils are renowned for their ability to lessen feelings of tension and to calm emotions and combined in a blend as for example dōTERRA’s Serenity® (Restful Blend), they create a perfect escape with their calming, renewing fragrance